Terms of Service

My three main rules are:


Rule: All sales are final. I will NOT give your money back.


Rule: I can NOT give you 100% guaranteed results.


Rule: Do NOT ask me to do the impossible.

For example:

Resurrect a dead person, make you fly in the sky, change your gender, make your soul possess another person, turn you into an angel/demon/vampire, grant you supernatural powers (fire, ice, levitation, immortality, telekinesis, complete mind control, etc.), manifest a fairy in physical form or create a new world for you filled with pure bliss and joy.


  • You must be at least 18 years old or older to purchase my items and services.
  • I cannot be held responsible for the results you get or don’t get.
  • You agree not to open a PayPal case against me or take legal action against me due to the results you got or did not got from my work.
  • By law, the items and services I offer are for entertainment purposes only. ​